COVID-19 Protocols

A Word about COVID-19

Our goal is to provide all of the children at Vaughan Kids Daycare, a clean, safe, comfortable, loving environment, where they can play and learn. While COVID-19 has changed the way our business operates - we strive to minimize the impact it has on our little friends. We consistently go above and beyond the requirements set forth by both the Ministry of Education and York Region Public Health.


Linked at the top of our website, is the the Ministry of Education Pre-Entry Screening that provides guidance on whether or not your child can attend Child Care. This must be completed for each child in your household that attends our centres.

Temperature Checks:

Upon arrival at our centres, one of our team members will take your child’s temperature with a contactless thermometer to determine if they are running a fever. You will also be asked some basic questions to confirm your child is healthy. If the temperature reading comes back normal, they will enter the facility, and if they are running a fever, they will be asked to return home. All of our team members will be screened and checked every day as well to ensure they are healthy and can be in our centres.

Contact Tracing:

Through HiMama, we will be able to identify and track the movement of the children throughout the centres during the day. This will allow us to trace interactions between children and staff, to know who had contact with who, should any health issues arise.

Physical Distancing:

We have implemented physical distancing measures throughout all of our centres to decrease the risk of transmission. While physical distancing measures will be in place, children will still be able to interact socially with one another to facilitate a healthy learning environment.

PPE For Staff:

As an extra layer of precaution, our teachers and staff will utilize necessary PPE. This includes the necessary gowns, face masks and face shields. These items will also be made available as appropriate should any child not be feeling well, to ensure everyone’s safety.

Latest update for COVID-19 from York Region Public Health: